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Wallpaper Question

How long is a roll of wallpaper?

A standard roll of paper is 10 meters (32 feet) long and 53cm wide.

Can i use any paste with any type of wallpaper?

All-purpose adhesives have been developed to be used with any most types of paper and come either in powder form or ready-mixed. Some wallpapers will require a ready mixed adhesive please read the label inside the wallpaper.

What are batches and shades on wallpaper?

Wallpaper is printed in batches of rolls. It is always best to have the same batch number to ensure colours match. The batch number can usually be found on the wallpaper label close to the pattern number.

How many rolls do i need?

Please use the wallpaper calculator.

How long do i leave my wallpaper to soak?

The label inside of the wallpaper is full of important information about how best to hang it. As instructions can differ from wallpaper to wallpaper its always best to read each different wallpaper label.

How do i prep the room for decorating?

Remove or cover furniture with dust sheets. it is always best to remove old wallpaper and paint. Wallpaper stripping can be made easier using a steamer or wallpaper solution. Paint stripping can be be done with a hot air paint stripper or by sanding it. Once your surfaces are free of paper and paint, fill in cracks with filler and wait until it dries, then sand it smooth. please make sure the room is properly aired. If youre concerned about the presence of lead, use a protective mask or seek professional advice. Paint rollers and pads make the job easier and quicker but cut in with a smaller brush before hand. There are plenty of video available with a quick internet search.

Should i paste the wall or the wallpaper?

Read the label inside of the roll of wallpaper for hanging instructions.

Whats the difference between emulsion, gloss, satin, silk and matt?

Matt emulsion helps to hide imperfections on less than perfect walls and ceilings it has a non-shine finish. Silk emulsion has a shiny finish.
A Satin is usually water based and can be cleaned off with with hot water and soap. Satin is quick drying but doesn't shine as much as gloss paint and is for internal rooms only. Gloss is usually oil based unless its a quick dry gloss which is water based. Oil based gloss has a much longer drying time than satin and and is for internal and external household use.

How can i get a wallpaper sample?

You can either pop into one of our stores where the staff would be happy to help or select the option from the drop down menu on our website and have A4 size samples delivered to your door.

How long does the wallpaper take to dry?

drying times can depend on the type of wallpaper and the condition of the room. The average time for most wallpapers is approximately 24-48 hours. some wallpapers can take upto 2 weeks to completely dry.

what do the symbols mean on the wallpaper label?

symbols are Below

Why is my wallpaper lifting at the edges?

Common causes of edges on wallpaper seams lifting are improper wall surface preparation, improper adhesive application, or conditions in the room environment. This can usually be solved by using our ready mixed border & overlap adhesive.

Do i need to use lining paper?

It is always best practice to cross line walls with lining paper before hanging wallpaper but not always necessary. fill any holes and cracks then sand, clean down & size your walls. If you take out the label that comes with the wallpaper it should say if it is necssary to line.

Can i hang wallpaper over other wallpaper?

Rule of thumb is not really, The wall needs to be dry, clean, smooth, even, neutral, absorbent and adhesive. An old wallpaper does not provide these ideal conditions.

When is live chat available?

You can speak to one of our customer advisors using the live chat monday-saturday 10am-8pm, sundays 10am-4pm.after hours by email in our contacts page.

Why do i have bubbles in my wallpaper?

Bubbles or creases are caused by the continual expansion of the wallpaper. Bubbles usually occur when the paper has not been left to soak for the recommended time (found on the label). The best way to stop wallpaper bubbling is when hanging a new sheet of paper, you’ll need to go slow and steady, smoothing out any bumps along the way. If bubbles have formed under your wallpaper, prick them with a pin whilst damp and ease the air out from the edges of the bubble into the middle.

Do wallpapers come ready to hang off the roll?

Not always. Some are rolled backwards please check with the label.

What effect does heat have when hanging wallpapers papers?

If the room is too warm the heat may dry the adhesive out, the wallpaper will curl at the edges.

How long will it take my paint to dry and when can i recoat?

Oil-based paint - dry to the touch in 6–8 hours and ready to recoat in 24 hours.Water based paints may become dry enough for a second coat in as little as 30 minutes, or it may take 2 to 3 hours.